Aflac Products

BSI now offers Aflac Products! Allowing your employees to choose from the Aflac products will give you more options for your overall benefits package. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • You can provide Aflac at no direct cost

  • Aflac policies are 100% employee-paid and are available on a voluntary basis. Many companies choose to make Aflac policies available as a cost-effective solution to help employees with the rising cost of out-of-pocket health care expenses.

  • Aflac complements your company's existing benefits

  • Aflac is different from major medical. It pays cash benefits directly to your employees, unless they choose otherwise, when they're sick or hurt. Your employees can choose the areas where they want additional coverage.

  • Aflac helps attract and retain employees

  • Great benefits are a top priority for employees when considering where to work. Aflac policies are an easy way to boost your benefits package and help increase your employees' morale at the same time.

    For more information on how your company or organization can offer voluntary Aflac products to employees, call Tia Mayo at the Chamber at 215-790-3639 or email.