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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

French-American Chamber of Commerce's 29th Annual Fête & 2019 Innovator Award

Posted to Event by Ms. Judith L. Ujobai of French-American Chamber of Commerce at 3:47 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Join the French-American Chamber of Commerce for the 29th Annual Fête and 2019 Innovator Award, honoring Nicholas Siciliano, CEO, and Ben Pascal, CBO, Co-Founders of Invisible Sentinel. This local Philadelphia start-up was recently acquired by the French biotech company bioMérieux which is headquartered in Lyon, and we will celebrate this French-Philadelphia partnership. The evening will include an International Executive Networking Reception, the 2019 Innovator Award Presentation, French Wine, French-inspired cuisine, and a Night in Monte Carlo Casino Games for fun! Registration is $350/person for Early Bird Registration by 5/31/19.\n"}]}

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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

EXCEL for Emerging Women Leaders

Posted to Event by Ms. Dominique SanGiovanni of The Leaders Edge/Leaders By Design at 3:00 PM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"color":"#1d2129"},"insert":"EXCEL develops the critical skills that valued leaders need in order to successfully navigate their business environment, preparing them to advance to the next step in their organization. "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#1d2129"},"insert":"This 8-month program that combines group skills building, small cohort group meetings, and individual consultations to prepare emerging women leaders to make greater contributions at work."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#1d2129","bold":true},"insert":"Key Outcomes:"},{"insert":"\nEnhanced presence and confidence"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Increased flexibility in leadership style"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Improved ability to lead with a 'big-picture' mindset"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Polished influencing and collaboration skills "},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#1d2129","bold":true},"insert":"Who Should Participate?"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#1d2129"},"insert":"New managers"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#1d2129"},"insert":"Senior managers targeted for Director level roles"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#1d2129"},"insert":"Managers who will benefit from learning new leadership behaviors"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#1d2129"},"insert":"Highly-valued emerging women leaders"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#1d2129"},"insert":"All sessions are held at Hyatt House in King of Prussia."},{"insert":"\n"}]}

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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

We've Moved to Rittenhouse!

Posted to Announcement by Ms. Sarah Glose of Springboard IT at 12:46 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Springboard IT has moved! \n\nAfter spending years in the vibrant Midtown Village neighborhood, our business has moved across town to the renowned Rittenhouse Square area. We cherish the experiences we had and are grateful for the growth we established there. We now look forward to the next chapter of our business and are thrilled for the opportunities that await. \n\nFind us at:\n2019 Walnut St\nPhiladelphia, PA 19103\n\nCall us: \n(215) 988-7770\n\nVisit us:\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"color":"#0066cc","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\n\n\n"}]}

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1776 Event Space

Posted to Announcement by Ms. Mariah Schmidt of 1776 / Benjamin's Desk at 11:36 AM

{"ops":[{"insert":"1776 is a flexible work space with incubations services for startups, growing companies, and entrepreneurs. "},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"We are offering Chamber Members their first event rental with 1776 for $999! "},{"insert":"Email "},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true,"color":"#0066cc","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":" to reserve today!\n\nIncluded in rental:\n2 Production Staff on site for set up, break down and AV support"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"100 folding chairs"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"2 wireless microphones"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"2 speakers"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"20+tables for food/drink or event"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Large presentation screen"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Ability to bring outside food and drink"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\nLocations include Rittenhouse Square, Washington Square, Brewerytown, and Cherry Hill Mall. \n\n"}]}

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Monday, May 06, 2019

Ambler Arboretum BioBlitz 2019

Posted to Event by Ms. Crisbel Baez of Temple University at 1:52 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"color":"#303030","bold":true},"insert":"What will you discover?"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#303030","bold":true},"insert":"Temple Ambler EarthFest Presents: Ambler Arboretum BioBlitz 2019"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"black","bold":true},"insert":"Friday, May 17, 6 a.m. to Midnight"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"black","bold":true},"insert":"Ambler Arboretum of Temple University"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"black","bold":true},"insert":"580 Meetinghouse Road, Ambler PA 19002"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true,"color":"#0066cc","link":""},"insert":"Register Online"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"color":"#0066cc","bold":true},"insert":"."},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"header":3},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"What’s a BioBlitz?"},{"attributes":{"header":3},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\nAn event that focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time. At a BioBlitz, scientists, families, students, teachers and other community members work together to get an overall count of plants, animals, fungi and other living creatures.\n\nAt Temple Ambler, there is more than students and faculty on campus!\n\nVisit campus at any time during 18 hours of discovery in the Ambler Arboretum’s woodlands and meadows and help us find out what is living in your own backyard! Join experts in helping to increase the biodiversity on campus.\n\nThis family-friendly event is free and open to the public! Register for the event by filling out the form below. Please note that all minors must be accompanied by an adult chaperone at all times during BioBlitz.\n\nBioBlitz is sponsored by Temple University Ambler EarthFest and the Ambler Arboretum of Temple University. Register for BioBlitz using the form below.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true,"color":"#007bc2","background":"white","link":""},"insert":"View the BioBlitz events schedule"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true},"insert":"."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true,"color":"#007bc2","background":"white","link":""},"insert":"Tips for attending Ambler Arboretum BioBlitz"},{"attributes":{"underline":true},"insert":"."},{"insert":"\n\nFor additional information, contact: 267-468-8108 or "},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"color":"#007bc2","background":"white","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":". \n"}]}

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Grand Opening and Open House!

Posted to Announcement by Mr. Gregory Smith of Bethanna at 3:53 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Bethanna is hosting a grand opening and open house at our Philadelphia office at 2501 Reed St in South Philadelphia. "},{"attributes":{"color":"#1d2129"},"insert":"Come meet our staff and hear about the work we are doing in the community! This FREE program starts at 11, and will feature visual art and musical performances by local students!"},{"insert":"\n\nBethanna is a not-for-profit Christian organization that provides the highest quality of care to children and families seeking adoption, foster care, and behavioral health care in Philadelphia, Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania. Bethanna strengthens families, promotes resilience and offers hope in times of need. We serve over 1,000 children and families on a daily basis and provide over 14,000 meals to the community from the Jesus Focus Ministry Food Pantry annually. \n"}]}

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

$100 Gift Card Offer to Chamber Members

Posted to Announcement by Ms. Jessica Kiefer of Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House at 7:12 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Celebrate with those important in your life at "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"Del Frisco's"},{"insert":" Double Eagle Steakhouse! Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Members are eligible for a Special Offer! Private Dining events booked and hosted between May 1st and June 30th are eligible to receive an electronic $100.00 gift card to dine at the Double Eagle! \n\nContact Jessica Kiefer at "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":" or 215-246-0533 and mention this Chamber promotion to receive your special offer. \n\nOffer expires June 30, 2019.\n"}]}

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DirectLync Shakes Up Small Business Marketing with New Digital Marketing Platform

Posted to Announcement by Mrs. Christine Williams of DirectLync at 3:20 PM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"DirectLync Shakes Up Small Business Marketing with New Digital Marketing Platform"},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"The new platform brings together all the essential sales and marketing tools in one place, changing the way businesses use marketing technology. "},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Philadelphia, PA -  April 23, 2019"},{"insert":"-- Today, "},{"attributes":{"color":"#954f72","link":""},"insert":"DirectLync"},{"insert":" announces the launch of its digital marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The platform’s integrated approach to digital marketing brings together all the essential tools – contact management, email marketing, social media management, website CMS, and reporting and insights – into one easy-to-use platform, saving users over 14 hours a month in efforts managing data from different sources. The all-in-one platform is aimed to help SMBs easily execute their sales and marketing activities and get a more holistic view into their channel performance. \n\nDirectLync is founded on the principle that custom design and integrated technology solutions should not be limited to enterprise corporations. The "},{"attributes":{"color":"#954f72","link":""},"insert":"U.S. Small Business Association"},{"insert":" says there are 30.2 million small business in the U.S. The platform offers these businesses a more affordable alternative to current enterprise solutions. \n\n“The siloed approach to marketing is a painful and time-consuming experience for SMBs,” said Kevin Lynch, President and Founder of DirectLync. “Many sales and marketing teams are using multiple platforms to manage digital efforts or skipping out on digital marketing because of time constraints. Analyzing reports and attributing success to campaigns is nearly impossible. SMBs are an impactful part of our global economy, and they need to be equipped with easy-to-use, affordable, and integrated solutions.”\n\nAccording to a "},{"attributes":{"color":"#954f72","link":""},"insert":"Capital One Spark Business survey"},{"insert":" of small business owners, 76 percent of owners face marketing challenges, and 64 percent feel they’re unable to effectively market their businesses the way they’d like to. DirectLync helps solve this problem by providing them with the tools they need to perform and track marketing and sales initiatives across channels. \n\nDirectLync offers a "},{"attributes":{"color":"#954f72","link":""},"insert":"30-day free trial"},{"insert":" and four different pricing tiers starting at just $20 per month. In 2019, they plan to introduce expanded features and new tools to the platform. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About DirectLync"},{"insert":"\nDirectLync empowers small and medium-sized businesses to achieve their goals through digital marketing services and solutions. We bring the essential sales and marketing tools into one, easy-to-use platform and offer an array of design and creative services, making DirectLync a one-stop shop for small businesses looking to propel their business forward. Visit us at "},{"attributes":{"color":"#954f72","link":""},"insert":""},{"attributes":{"color":"#0563c1"},"insert":". "},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0563c1"},"insert":" "},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0563c1"},"insert":" "},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"}]}

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37th Annual Monetary and Trade Conference: Global Trade: Darkening Clouds or New Beginnings?

Posted to Event by Ms. Colleen Murphy of Global Interdependence Center at 10:47 AM

{"ops":[{"insert":"On May 6, 2019, the Global Interdependence Center will host its Annual Monetary & Trade (AMT) Conference in partnership with the LeBow College of Business at Drexel University. 2019 will mark the year of our 37th AMT Conference, with a keynote address from "},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Patrick Harker"},{"insert":", President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.\n\nThe conference explores global trade imbalance issues and offers a forum for discussion of the current status of trade relations among the most significant world trade partners, including the US, China and the European Union. In particular, the conference will address pertinent issues to trade of goods and services and focus on the Interconnections between trade flows and financial services.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Agenda"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"8:30 – 8:50 a.m."},{"insert":" | "},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Registration"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"8:50 – 9:00 a.m."},{"insert":" | "},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Welcome and Opening Remarks"},{"insert":"\nPaul Jensen, Dean of LeBow College of Business, Drexel University"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Michael Papaioannou, TA Expert-Advisor, International Monetary Fund"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"George Tsetsekos, Dean Emeritus and the Francis Professor of Finance at LeBow’s College of Business at Drexel University and GIC Board Member"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"9:00 – 10:00 a.m. "},{"insert":"| "},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Session 1: Global Trade Imbalances and Current Challenges"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Topics:"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","italic":true},"insert":"Origins of trade imbalances and effects of trade barriers (e.g., tariffs) on the trade balance and current account."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","italic":true},"insert":"Implications of global trade imbalances for local and international macroeconomics and financial stability (e.g., economic growth, employment, prices, fiscal accounts, exchange rate and capital market volatility)."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","italic":true},"insert":"Proposals to ameliorate global trade imbalances: efficacy and prospects of implementation."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Panel:"},{"insert":"\nApostolos Apostolou, Economist, International Monetary Fund"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Andrew J. Patterson, CFA, Investment Analyst, Vanguard Investment Strategy Group"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Howard Silverstone, Vice President of Programs, British American Chamber of Commerce"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"10:00 – 10:30 a.m. "},{"insert":"| "},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Keynote Address: Economic Outlook"},{"insert":"\nPatrick Harker, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"10:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. "},{"insert":"| "},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Session 2: Inter-linkages between Trade, Finance and Investments"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Topics:"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","italic":true},"insert":"Trade relations, challenges and current and pending agreements."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","italic":true},"insert":"What are the main channels of inter-linkages? Do these inter-linkages increase domestic and international economic and financial volatility?"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","italic":true},"insert":"What should/can country authorities and international financial institutions do?"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Panel:"},{"insert":"\nStephen Tokarick, Lecturer, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Bill Stone, Chief Investment Officer, Avalon Advisors, LLC"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Catherine L. Mann, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Citi"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"12:15 – 1:15 p.m. "},{"insert":"| "},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Session 3: Opportunities and Challenges in Global Trade for Financial Services Companies "},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Topics:"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","italic":true},"insert":"The dynamics of current trade and financial relations among key global partners."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","italic":true},"insert":"Challenges and trade sanctions for financial services firms."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","italic":true},"insert":"The impact of sanctions on financial services firms."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"Panel:"},{"insert":"\nChair: Paul Thanos, Director, Office of Finance and Insurance Industries, Industry & Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Christine Bliss, President, Coalition of Services Industries"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Yancy Molnar, Senior Vice President, Head of International Government Affairs & Public Policy, Chubb"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Kimberley Claman, Director of International Government Affairs, Citi"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Christopher Melly, Vice President, Government Affairs, AIG"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"1:15 – 1:30 p.m. "},{"insert":"|"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":" Concluding Remarks"},{"insert":"\nMichael Papaioannou. TA Expert-Advisor, International Monetary Fund"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"}]}

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Philly Tech Week 2019 Curated Connections (at the Introduced Conference)

Posted to Event by Mr. Vincent Better of at 5:38 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Hello Fellow Chamber Members! \n\nWe're looking for purchasing representatives from larger companies to participate in our upcoming conference, "},{"attributes":{"color":"#1155cc","link":""},"insert":"Introduced"},{"insert":", a part of the "},{"attributes":{"color":"#1155cc","link":""},"insert":"9th annual Philly Tech Week"},{"insert":".\n\nAs a part of this event, we invite purchasing representatives willing to meet 1:1 with business-owner attendees offering valuable services and innovative solutions for a quick, in-person conversation. Both parties walk away with real \"introductions\" and hopefully match a product/service with a need. There is "},{"attributes":{"underline":true},"insert":"no fee "},{"insert":"to participate.\n\nThe event takes place on Thursday, May 9th at Convene, CityView. Meetings are first come, first serve for attendees. We only need a 1-2 hour commitment from someone on your procurement team to facilitate these meetings (exact timing is between 12:00 - 2:00 PM). \n\nIf you are interested, please contact Catherine Sontag at or (856) 237-3995. Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you! \n\n\nThe Team at Technically Media"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"}]}

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American Heritage Credit Union 16th Annual Car Show, Craft Show, and Member Appreciation Day

Posted to Event by Ms. Gina Pelbano of American Heritage Federal Credit Union at 4:30 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":" \n"},{"attributes":{"color":"black"},"insert":"American Heritage Credit Union and 98.1 WOGL's Annual Car Show, Craft Show and Member Appreciation Day is held on the grounds of American Heritage Credit Union’s headquarters on Red Lion Road in Northeast Philadelphia. Thousands of credit union members and area residents spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon talking cars, shopping at the vendor craft show, sampling the food trucks and enjoying games and entertainment for the family while listening to a live broadcast from 98.1 WOGL. To register for the car show, please visit "},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"color":"#0b615e","link":""},"insert":""},{"attributes":{"color":"black"},"insert":" To register as a vendor for the craft show, please visit "},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"color":"#0b615e","link":""},"insert":""},{"attributes":{"color":"#0b615e","underline":true},"insert":"."},{"insert":"\n \n"}]}

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Kick Axe Throwing is open and taking bookings in Old City

Posted to Announcement by Mr. Max Klein of Kick Axe Throwing at 2:41 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Kick Axe Throwing has built the most beautiful axe throwing lodge and bar in the heart of Philadelphia. We would love to host our fellow chamber members for a night that won't be forgotten. \n\nThis Mon-Thur please use promo code LUMBERJACK to get 30% off your booking. If you have any special requests or questions we would be glad to accommodate, and you can reach us at (833) 745- 9293 or by email at "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"header":3},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"}]}

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Drug & Alcohol Issues in the Workplace: A Simple Guide for Employers

Posted to Announcement by Mr. Joseph Ashdale of Ambrosia Treatment Center at 3:46 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Did you know that 70% of illicit drug users in the US are currently in the workforce? If you suspect an employee is using drugs or alcohol on the job, or you believe that their substance use is impacting their performance, you owe it to yourself, your customers and your employees to do something about it. Here are some tips to help you navigate the costly truth of addiction in the workplace. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Know your state’s laws."},{"insert":"\n\nFor the most part, it’s legal to drug test employees when they are hired and while they are employed, as long as there is reasonable suspicion that drug use that is impacting their performance or workplace safety. It's up to each workplace to develop a drug policy and decide how to handle violations. Some states differ when it comes to laws about drug testing and the use of prescription or over-the-counter medications. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Establish clear policies and procedures (and stick to them!)"},{"insert":"\n\nMost companies have a written policy on drug use, but you can take this a step further by training your employees and letting them know the details of the policy and potential consequences of violating. Managers should also receive specialized training about how to spot and report issues within their team. \n\nIf someone does violate the policy, it’s vital to stick to the procedure written in the manual. Even if that means terminating an otherwise useful employee, it will set a precedent that your business takes its drug use policy seriously. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Document performance issues and suspicious behaviors."},{"insert":"\n\nIf you notice suspicious activity, decreased performance, or odd behavior, always write down the date, time and details about what was observed and who saw it. That way you have a record you can reference later if you need to back up your decisions. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Check out treatment options, like Employee Assistance Programs. "},{"insert":"\n\nIt’s always better to offer an employee help with their addiction before you decide to take disciplinary action. Employee Assistance Programs can be a fantastic resource for helping your employees with addiction and other mental health issues. It also helps to know the "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"treatment options that are available in your local area"},{"insert":". \n"}]}

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Taking Aim To End Abuse: A Night of Axe Throwing and Fundraising

Posted to Event by Ms. Lily Cope of Urban Axes at 1:02 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Our Ladyblades Charity Event is Back!"},{"insert":"\n\nThe Ladyblades (a group promoting female empowerment and community through axe-throwing) of Urban Axes are teaming up with "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0047b2","link":""},"insert":"Women Against Abuse"},{"insert":" for an axe-throwing event!\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#333333","background":"transparent"},"insert":"$45 gets you axe throwing instruction and entry into a friendly tournament, with "},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","bold":true},"insert":"beer, wine, food and prizes included"},{"attributes":{"background":"transparent","color":"#333333"},"insert":" from our AMAZING sponsors. "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#333333","background":"transparent"},"insert":"The best part? "},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"color":"#333333","background":"transparent","italic":true},"insert":"50%"},{"attributes":{"color":"#333333","background":"transparent","underline":true},"insert":" of every ticket sold goes directly to Women Against Abuse"},{"attributes":{"color":"#333333","background":"transparent"},"insert":" to help end abuse in Philadelphia.  "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true},"insert":"The event is Monday, May 20th, from 6:00-9:30pm and 21+. "},{"insert":"\n\n\n"}]}

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Mother's Day and Mimosas at Urban Axes

Posted to Event by Ms. Lily Cope of Urban Axes at 12:59 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#333333"},"insert":"Celebrate Mom this year with something she’ll never forget: axe throwing and mimosas! "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#333333"},"insert":"$25/person gets you an hour of axe throwing and your first mimosa to help you get in bullseye form. "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#333333"},"insert":"Bring the whole (21+!) fam! $25 per person for one hour of throwing. "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"color":"#0047b2","link":""},"insert":"Sign up online today!"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0047b2","underline":true},"insert":" "},{"insert":"\n\n\n\n"}]}

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Family-Owned Business Awards

Posted to Event by Ms. Elizabeth Parks of Philadelphia Media Network at 12:18 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"\nThe Family-Owned Business Awards program spotlights Family-Owned businesses who continue to grow and evolve in an ever-changing economy, while managing to stay true to their roots.\n\nThe Philadelphia Inquirer called for nominations from Inquirer readers and an external panel of experts reviewed and selected the 2019 winners. The nominees were evaluated on their business success and accomplishments and their civic/community service.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Program Details:"},{"insert":"\nWhen: Thursday, May 16, 2019\nWhere: Ballroom at the Ben\n834 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107\nTicket price: $95, includes beer/wine and sit-down lunch\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"What to expect:"},{"insert":"\n*Subject to change\n11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.  - Networking reception \n12:30 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.   - Welcome remarks by Terry C.Z. Egger, Publisher and CEO, Philadelphia Inquirer\n1:15 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.      - Awards program recognizing family-owned business winners \n\nEvent questions? Contact Angelica Irizarry at "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\nSponsorship Opportunities available. Contact Ron Maver at "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\n\n"}]}

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2019 Forty Under 40

Posted to Event by Mr. Jason Garrison of Philadelphia Business Journal at 10:45 AM

{"ops":[{"insert":"\nJoin us on Thursday, May 30 at the SugarHouse Casino Event Center as we get to know and celebrate the super powers of the 29th Class of Forty Under 40. The evening will begin with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, followed by an awards presentation where we will hear from the honorees. Join us immediately after to mix and mingle with the honorees during a celebratory dessert reception.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Congratulations 2019 Honorees! "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Katherine Ahrens"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Ballinger"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Veenu Aishwarya"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"AUM Life Tech Inc."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Philip Amoa"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"McCarter & English LLP"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Brett Berman"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Fox Rothschild LLP"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"C. Luke Bowen"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Evil Genius Beer Company "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Vaughan Buckley"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Vaughan Buckley Corporation"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Rocco Cima"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"FUEL"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Christina Coen"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"FMC Corporation"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Evan Davis"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"SugarHouse Casino"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Courtney DiBlasi"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"APOP LLC"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Alyson Filippone"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Ernst & Young LLP"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Jennifer Hermansky"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Greenberg Traurig LLP"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Lee Jablow"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Chestnut Hill Hospital - Tower Health"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Scott Johnson"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Cigna"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"David Jones"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Merck & Co"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Joseph Kadlec"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Pepper Hamilton LLP"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Jonathan Lovitz"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"National LGBT Chamber of Commerce"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Dr. Elina Maymind"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Kristen Maynes"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"PwC"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Megan McGinley"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Kitchen and Associates"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Jack Meyers"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Cushman & Wakefield"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Gary Mills"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Shoot Basketballs Not People"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Arianna Orpello"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"TD Bank"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Michael Pasquarello"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"13th Street Kitchens"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"David Peppard"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"The Haverford Trust Company"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Rachael Polis"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Crozer-Keystone Health System "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Robert Pugliese"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Stacey Rock"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Solvix Solutions LLC"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Elizabeth Seidlin-Bernstein"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Ballard Spahr LLP"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Jasmine Sessoms"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"J&S Strategies"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Momin Sheikh"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Frankel Management Company"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Megan Smith"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Brownstone PR"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Greg Star"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Carvertise"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Lauren Swartz"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"City of Philadephia"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Tiffany Tavarez"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Wells Fargo"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Pete Van Do"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"University of Pennsylvania - Pan-Asian American Community House"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Endre Walls"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Customers Bank"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Susan Williamson"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Philadelphia 76ers"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Leon Woolford"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"WC3 International"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Shelby Zitelman"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Soom Foods"},{"insert":"\n\n\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true},"insert":"Agenda:"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"5:00pm - 6:15pm:"},{"insert":" Cocktail Reception with Hors D'oeuvres and Carving Stations \n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"6:15pm - 7:30pm:"},{"insert":" Awards Presentation\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"7:30pm - 8:00pm:"},{"insert":" Dessert Reception and Networking \n\nTo view photos from the 2018 Forty Under 40 Awards, click "},{"attributes":{"color":"#254f9c","link":""},"insert":"HERE"},{"insert":".\n\n"}]}

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ESPORTS: The Next Generation of Sport & Entertainment

Posted to Event by Mr. Jason Garrison of Philadelphia Business Journal at 10:43 AM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Join us on May 3rd to discuss current trends in esports, featuring leading experts, industry figures and professional esport organizations.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true,"color":"#254f9c","link":""},"insert":"REGISTER NOW"},{"insert":"\n\nDid you know that the global esport industry will hit over $1 billion in 2019? Discover how you can explore the emerging world of esports in this one-day event.\n\nThe "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"Esports: The Next Generation of Sport and Entertainment "},{"insert":"conference is dedicated to bringing together leading experts, industry figures and professional organizations involved in esports to discuss current trends in the industry.\n\nJoin us on May 3rd from 9:30am – 4:00pm to discuss the latest in esports with the industry’s top leaders including:\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Wayne Kimmel, Managing Partner at SeventySix Capital"},{"insert":"\n\nBeing passionate about working to make the world a better place, Wayne Kimmel is the Managing Partner of SeventySix Capital and the author of Six Degrees of Wayne Kimmel. He is also on the Board of Einstein Healthcare Network and was on the Board of Jewish Federations of North America, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, and the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park and the Delaware Law School.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"John Fazio, Founder at Jarvus Innovations and CEO at N3rd Street Gamers"},{"insert":"\n\nJohn Fazio is the founder of Jarvus Innovations. Jarvus is a software engineering firm positioned to reinvest profits into a portfolio of incubated startups. One such startup, N3rd Street Gamers (NSG), grew from a simple but compelling desire to play video games with friends. After three years cultivating NSG within the Jarvus incubator, Fazio realigned himself to manage and direct NSG full time. He developed a mission to increase accessibility to the esports industry by not only increasing the amount of direct competitions, but also by running them on high quality equipment at affordable prices. A life goal of Fazio’s is to provide anyone in the US the opportunity to compete in the esport of their choice free of charge.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Charles Palmer, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies and Associate Professor at Harrisburg University"},{"insert":"\n\nAs a technologist, author and international speaker, Professor Charles Palmer lectures on virtual reality, 3d printing, gamification, and simulations linking learning and research to practical outcomes.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Chad Smeltz, Director of Esports at Harrisburg University"},{"insert":"\n\nChad Smeltz has been working full-time in esports for the last five years, formerly as a pro League of Legends coach, and most recently as a General Manager for professional esports organizations such as NRG and Phoenix1. He has driven player acquisition, player contracts, team sponsorships, content production, and much more for professional teams he has worked on. For the last year Mr. Smeltz has been the Director of Esports for Harrisburg University, where he plans to grow the program both competitively and academically.\n\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Cost:"},{"insert":"\nWorking professionals: $50"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Non-Temple University Students: $25"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Temple University faculty, alumni, & students: $10"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\nIn addition to engaging conversation, the event will include a pre-conference networking breakfast, light snacks, lunch, and a post-event cocktail reception.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true,"color":"#254f9c","link":""},"insert":"REGISTER NOW"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"For more information, contact:"},{"insert":"\nAnthony D. Pizzo, PhD CandidateTemple University | 267-977-6106 | "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\nRick Ridall, Director of Industry RelationsTemple University | 215-204-9705 | "},{"attributes":{"color":"#254f9c","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\n\n\n"}]}

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Banking in the 21st Century: How Management is Embracing the Digital Age

Posted to Event by Mr. Jason Garrison of Philadelphia Business Journal at 10:41 AM

{"ops":[{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#003d7d","bold":true},"insert":"Join the Philadelphia Business Journal as moderator Jeff Blumenthal takes a deep dive into 21st century banking with two hard hitting panels with top banking executives and technology professionals."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#ff9900","size":"small","bold":true},"insert":"AGENDA:"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"7:30 - 8:15 am:"},{"insert":" Registration, networking and breakfast\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"8:15 - 9:00 am:"},{"insert":" Banking in the 2020s \n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"9:00 - 9:45 am:"},{"insert":" The Technology Challenge\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"9:45 am - 10:00 am:"},{"insert":" Additional Networking\n\n"},{"attributes":{"size":"small","color":"#ff9900","bold":true},"insert":"BANKING IN THE 2020s"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Bob Kane"},{"insert":"\nRegional President\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"KeyBank"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Sue Lonergan"},{"insert":"\nRegional President\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"Fulton Bank"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Christopher Martin"},{"insert":"\nCEO\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"Provident Bank"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Travis Rhodes"},{"insert":"\nRegional President\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"BB&T Bank"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Jay Sidhu"},{"insert":"\nCEO\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"Customers Bank"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"size":"small","color":"#ff9900","bold":true},"insert":"THE TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGE"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Adam Bonanno"},{"insert":"\nChief Technology Officer\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"Bryn Mawr Trust Co."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Lisa Brubaker"},{"insert":"\nChief Technology Officer\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"WSFS Bank"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Michael Carter"},{"insert":"\nCEO\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"BizEquity"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Michael Church"},{"insert":"\nCEO\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"NestEgg"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Stessa B. Cohen"},{"insert":"\nSenior Director Analyst\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"Gartner"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Moderator:"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Jeff Blumenthal"},{"insert":"\nBanking Reporter\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"Philadelphia Business Journal"},{"insert":"\n\n\n"}]}

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Let's Ping Pong Philly!

Posted to Event by Mr. Michael Rodriguez of ScaleFactor at 1:15 PM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Description: "},{"attributes":{"header":3},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\nJoin us for the perfect way to end your hump day.\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"var(--eds-control,#3659e3)","link":""},"insert":"ScaleFactor"},{"insert":", "},{"attributes":{"color":"var(--eds-control,#3659e3)","link":""},"insert":"Justworks"},{"insert":", and "},{"attributes":{"color":"var(--eds-control,#3659e3)","link":""},"insert":"Centri"},{"insert":" are coming together to bring you an evening of fun, networking, the opportunity to win some AWESOME Bose Headphones, and healthy competition through ping pong and drinks at SPIN Philadelphia. There is no better place to exchange business cards than a place that gives you an open bar, snacks, and games!\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About the venue:"},{"insert":"\n\nSPIN has been an iconic location where people of various backgrounds come with an excuse to enjoy each other's company and play ping pong. SPIN's main focus is to bring people together through a game that transcends age, gender and boundaries. That's exactly what we want to do for you, at least for a couple of hours.\nSo, disconnect from your electronics, and connect with your peers in this one of a kind educational networking event.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About your hosts:"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"var(--eds-control,#3659e3)","link":""},"insert":"Justworks"},{"insert":":\nJustworks helps growing teams get access to affordable benefits, payroll and HR compliance in an all-in-one platform.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"var(--eds-control,#3659e3)","link":""},"insert":"Centri"},{"insert":":\nCentri provides companies with the expertise they need to meet their strategic accounting and reporting demands. From complex technical accounting transactions to periodic financial reporting, our professionals can offer any organization specialized expertise and multilayered skill sets to ensure the work gets done right.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"var(--eds-control,#3659e3)","link":""},"insert":"ScaleFactor"},{"insert":":\nScaleFactor is the smart finance software that is changing the way modern businesses operate. By automating complex bookkeeping tasks and translating financial information into usable business insights, we are enabling business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs to focus on what they love: running and growing their business.\n"}]}

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

New Online Resource Ecosystem Empowers More Philadelphians to Turn Vacant Lots into Community Spaces

Posted to Announcement by Mr. Ali Jaffar of Key Medium at 10:28 PM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"Key Medium gives back to the Public Interest Law Center- tackling food insecurity and disinvestment"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"April 11, 2019"},{"insert":" – A revamped online resource ecosystem launched April 11 will help Philadelphia residents access the information and support they need to turn abandoned vacant lots into community gardens and other open space.\n\nGrounded in Philly, an initiative of the Public Interest Law Center’s Garden Justice Legal Initiative, is launching "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"a new and improved website"},{"insert":" with the help of premiere digital agency "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"Key Medium."},{"insert":" To celebrate the launch of the new site, Grounded in Philly hosted a launch party today at One Art Community Center, which itself is a success story. Through Grounded In Philly and the Public Interest Law Center’s assistance, they were able to identify the owners of the land and connect with their city council member for help gaining access to it.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"Check out the new website"},{"insert":" at\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Redesigning Grounded in Philly"},{"insert":"\nGrounded In Philly was created as a civic project in 2013 by the Garden Justice Legal Initiative to help Philadelphians find information about vacant land — in order to put it back in the hands of the community.\n\nSince then, Philadelphians have used resources and information from the site to transform over 140 vacant lots, with over 300 participating community leaders and volunteers. More than 115,000 people have visited the site.\n\nThe Public Interest Law Center set out to upgrade Grounded in Philly in 2018, with support from the Dolfinger McMahon Foundation. Though the site had been helpful to many in the urban agriculture community, it was difficult to navigate the information presented on the site without assistance. Tools for organizing were limited as well, as gardeners needed to express interest in the same lot to be connected.\n\nThe new Grounded in Philly website is a one-stop online resource ecosystem for the open space community in Philadelphia. The website guides visitors to the information they need for their particular circumstances, whether they want to start a garden, secure ownership of a garden parcel, or join an existing community garden. For example, a visitor to the website looking to start a garden will be directed to check whether the piece of land has associated debt, and what they should do if the lot is encumbered by a lien.\n\nIn addition, the site includes an online forum, "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"The Grapevine"},{"insert":", for community members to connect with one another, ask questions, and celebrate successes. This forum includes pages for each section of Philadelphia, so neighbors can organize around local vacant lots. View the new site here: "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Tackling Food Insecurity and Disinvestment"},{"insert":"\nPhiladelphia has 40,000 vacant lots, and 300,000 Philadelphians face food insecurity. Community gardens and urban farms can serve as a source of fresh, local produce in neighborhoods that face disinvestment. These beautiful spaces have ripple effects in the surrounding community as well. Vacant lots that have been transformed correlate with lower rates of depression in surrounding blocks, according to a University of Pennsylvania study conducted in Philadelphia. Another local study from Columbia University found that improved lots also correlated to lower levels of crime.\n\n“Now more than ever, it’s vitally important that we give people easy access to the resources they need to hold on to existing spaces and start new ones.”"},{"attributes":{"blockquote":true},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n“Gardens across the city are increasingly facing pressure from development and gentrification,” said Public Interest Law Center staff attorney Ebony Griffin, who leads their Garden Justice Legal Initiative. “Now more than ever, it’s vitally important that we give people easy access to the resources they need to hold on to existing spaces and start new ones. Making the information on Grounded in Philly more accessible is vital to the future of urban agriculture in Philadelphia.”\n\nThe revamped website promises to be a central hub for information and support for urban agriculture in Philadelphia. It includes information and data from city sources, like the vacancy indicators database, as well as links to support and resources from other city agencies and nonprofits.\n\n“Our main goal when designing this new website was to create an online experience that leads to real change on the ground in Philadelphia, ” said Ali Jaffar, CEO and Lead Developer of Key Medium. “Grounded in Philly has already had an impact, but with this launch, we hope to expand that impact and audience–the new site is easier to navigate, more interactive, and much more social. Go ahead and join the Grapevine forums, share, and message friends on the new social platform and digital resource ecosystem.”\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About The Public Interest Law Center"},{"insert":"\nThe Public Interest Law Center uses high-impact legal strategies to advance the civil, social, and economic rights of communities in the Philadelphia region facing discrimination, inequality, and poverty. We use litigation, community education, advocacy, and organizing to secure their access to fundamental resources and services in the areas of public education, housing, health care, employment, environmental justice and voting. For more information visit "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":" or follow on Twitter @PubIntLawCtr.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About Key Medium and Coding for Causes"},{"insert":"\nFounded in 2014, Key Medium is a premiere digital agency that creates beautiful, branded experiences for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. Key Medium has received praise for spearheading the growth of startup companies and lending "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"affordable expertise and services"},{"insert":" to Philadelphia’s workforce development board, charter schools and nonprofit organizations through the "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"Coding for Causes program"},{"insert":". For more about Key Medium, visit "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":" or follow on Twitter @KeyMedium.\n\n###"},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\nLeah Bury\nKey Medium LLC\n215.302.0280\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\n1025 Hamilton Street, Suite 201\n"}]}

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Friday, April 12, 2019

James C. Schwartzman Receives Villanova Law Alumni Association Award for Public Service

Posted to Announcement by Ms. Jeanna M. Hahn of Stevens & Lee/Griffin at 4:04 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"James C. Schwartzman, a Partner and Chair of the Ethics and Professional Responsibility Group at Stevens & Lee, received the Villanova Law Alumni Association Award for Public Service at a reception held April 11, 2019, at the Union League in Philadelphia.\n\nThe award recognizes outstanding service by Villanova Law Alumni to society, and is presented annually to alumni who have distinguished themselves with exceptional professional and personal achievements and who have loyally dedicated their time and service to their communities.\n\nMr. Schwartzman has extensive experience representing and counseling lawyers, law firms and judges on ethics-related issues. He has trial experience in civil and criminal matters in most of the courts in southeastern Pennsylvania.\n\nIn 2018, he was appointed by Gov. Tom Wolf to the Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline, and previously served as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board. He is a former Chairman of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Disciplinary Board, Continuing Legal Education Board and the Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA) Board.\n\nMr. Schwartzman is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and was a law clerk for the Honorable J. William Ditter, Jr., U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. He has taught courses at the Attorney General’s Advocacy Institute and Temple University School of Law.\n\nAs published in "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"Philadelphia"},{"insert":" magazine, Mr. Schwartzman has been continuously recognized as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer since 2004 by being selected by his peers as among the top 5 percent of lawyers in the Commonwealth. In addition, he has been selected by his peers as one of "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"The Best Lawyers in America"},{"insert":" from 2006 to 2018 for his work in Plaintiffs and Defendants Legal Malpractice Law and Ethics and Professional Responsibility Law, and has been named Philadelphia Ethics and Professional Responsibility Law Lawyer of the Year. He received a J.D., "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"cum laude"},{"insert":", from Villanova University School of Law and an A.B. from Washington University in St. Louis.\n"}]}

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Convoy of Hope Philadelphia Community Event

Posted to Event by Mrs. Ashlee Hollis of Helm Creative Studio at 12:53 PM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"underline":true,"color":"#1155cc","link":""},"insert":"Convoy of Hope"},{"insert":" will partner with local businesses, churches, government agencies, and nonprofits to spread kindness to the residents of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at Hunting Park.\n \nDuring the Community Event, Convoy of Hope and the Philadelphia community will provide free groceries, health services, haircuts, family portraits, job services, veteran services, a kids zone, a hot meal, new children’s shoes, and more, while supplies last. Identification is not required to attend or participate in the event. Everyone is welcome.\n \nIn 2018, more than 96,000 Guests of Honor were served by Convoy of Hope Community Events around the country.\n \nLearn more about the event and join the kindness revolution by visiting "},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"color":"#1155cc","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":" or email "},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"color":"#1155cc","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":" for more information. \n \n"},{"attributes":{"background":"white","bold":true},"insert":"About Convoy of Hope"},{"insert":"\nConvoy of Hope is a faith-­based organization with a driving passion to feed the world. With a long history as an early responder in times of natural disasters, Convoy of Hope has been a Four Star Charity as recognized by Charity Navigator for 15 consecutive years. Convoy of Hope has served more than 115 million people since it was founded in 1994. For more information please visit "},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"background":"white","color":"#1155cc","link":""},"insert":""},{"attributes":{"background":"white"},"insert":"."},{"insert":"\n \n"}]}

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Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Lima Company announces their new North American Partnership with TEDOM a.s.

Posted to Announcement by Mr. Bob Adams of Lima Company at 10:50 AM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Philadelphia, Pa. – April 8, 2019\n\nLima Company entered into an agreement with TEDOM a.s. earlier this year to grow and support the cogeneration market within North America.\n\nLima Company has been serving clients in energy-intensive sectors for over four decades. These sectors include supermarkets, food processing, hospitality, multi-family, industrial manufacturing, commercial office buildings, universities, municipalities, and healthcare. The common threads between all these sectors are "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"high energy usage"},{"insert":" and the "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"quests to save energy and money"},{"insert":".\n\nFor the past twenty-four months, Lima Company has travelled abroad studying and searching for a manufacturer of cogeneration equipment that can help their high energy usage clients. After a couple visits to TEDOM in the Czech Republic, Lima Company found the right partner.\n\nLima Company has engaged with TEDOM a.s. to sell, market, service and support TEDOM products within the North American market. Plans are well underway to build a fully operational training center located within the Lima Company Headquarters, abutting Interstate 95, fifteen minutes north of Center City Philadelphia. This training center will be open to engineers, energy companies, real estate management companies, facility owners and managers. It will serve as a place for industry professionals to meet and train their groups. “W"},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"e are excited to open our doors and train our partners, clients and friends on systems that have proven themselves around the world.”"},{"insert":" states Bob Lima- Founder and President of Lima Company. "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"“We have listened closely to our clients and feel this may be the answer to their quests for saving energy and money.” "},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":" "},{"insert":"\nThese two companies have parallel views when it comes to client care. Trust and accountability are at the top of their lists. "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"“Building trust with our clients is the key to success,”"},{"insert":" says Michael Jewell – TEDOM Area Sales Director (Canada/USA). “"},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"We become a lifelong partner with our clients, and we take this responsibility very seriously. With Lima Company onboard, their teams will provide an all-encompassing package of economic feasibility studies, design engineering, installation, maintenance and performance monitoring. Together, we will be accountable to exceed our client’s expectations.”"},{"insert":" \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About Lima Company"},{"insert":"\nLima Company has been a regional leader at serving clients since 1976. Their expertise lies within the commercial plumbing, heating/air conditioning, refrigeration, energy management and building automation services and installations. Client sectors include: food services/supermarkets, religious/educational institutions, sports/entertainment venues, government agencies, banking/financial service, hospitality, and real estate management.  \nLima Company employs over 70 people including technicians, client care specialists, service coordinators, engineers and support teams. The average team member has been with the company for sixteen plus years, with some teammates with tenure of thirty plus years. The company culture is one of caring and respect for all. The core thread running throughout the entire company is each team member’s willingness to serve each other. Internal clients and external clients alike, everyone needs the utmost care. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About TEDOM a.s."},{"insert":"\nTEDOM a.s., from the Czech Republic, are pioneers in the manufacturing of cogeneration equipment and have over the last 28 years grown to be one of the world’s largest suppliers.\nTEDOM was founded in 1991. Over a quarter of a century, it has become an international company with more than 500 employees selling its products in dozens of countries around the world.\nIn 2016, TEDOM acquired SCHNELL Motoren, a German leader in the field of biogas driven CHP units. Thanks to this, the number of employees in the TEDOM Group increased to 900 and the number of production plants expanded to 5 in the Czech Republic and Germany.\nThrough innovation and constant development, the TEDOM cogeneration range has been crafted into a line of products with exceptional quality and reliability. With over seven thousand units installed in over forty countries, their experience and knowledge are unsurpassed.\nTEDOM has a range of products so well proven that it ranks as one of the best global cogeneration suppliers in the world.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Contact:"},{"insert":"\nLima Company\nRobert E. Adams Jr., VP Sales and Marketing\nPhone: 215-333-7500\n"},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\n\n"}]}

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Monday, April 08, 2019

Best in Class Nonprofit Website Enhances Access to Workforce Solutions

Posted to Announcement by Mr. Ali Jaffar of Key Medium at 10:38 AM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","italic":true},"insert":"A Streamlined Platform Improves User Experience and Access to Workforce Solutions"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","bold":true},"insert":"APRIL 8, 2019, Philadelphia, PA-"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":" Key Medium, Philadelphia-based, award-winning digital growth agency, today announced that it has been awarded Best in Class by the Interactive Media Awards™ for its work on the Philadelphia Works. The honor recognizes that the project met and surpassed the basic standards of excellence that comprise the web’s most professional work. The site was honored specifically for excellence in Nonprofit category."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":"The judging consisted of various criteria, including design, usability, innovation in technical features, standards compliance and content. In order to win this award level, the site had to meet strict guidelines in each area — an achievement only a fraction of sites in the IMA competition earn."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":"The completely revamped website features a streamlined and simplified component-based design system, improved functionality, and enriched content areas that connects residents with career opportunities and provide employers with access to the talent they need to be competitive."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","bold":true},"insert":"Mobile-First, Streamlined Design"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":"The website’s mobile-first and modern platform is designed for improved user experience. This enables users to be able to digest information in chunks, with the most relevant, useful content first, and as quickly as possible. This ensures the best experience possible, with speed and usability top-of-mind, rather than an afterthought."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","bold":true},"insert":"Improved Access to Opportunity"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":"The new site features a wealth of easy to access information and features interactive "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"reports and trends"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":", an interactive map of "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"programs for young adults"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":", an interactive "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"career pathway selector"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":", and so much more."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","bold":true},"insert":"Award-Winning Development"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":"The new site has been selected as the "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","bold":true},"insert":"Best in Class Nonprofit Website of 2019"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":" from the "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","italic":true},"insert":"Interactive Media Awards"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":", judged by the internationally-acclaimed "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","italic":true},"insert":"Interactive Media Council"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":". This is the platform’s second award in Q1 2019 where it was also honored as a Gold award recipient in the Mobile Information Experience category by "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","italic":true},"insert":"AVA Digital Awards"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":", administered and judged by the "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","italic":true},"insert":"Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":". AVA is an international competition that recognizes outstanding work by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design, and production of media that is part of the evolution of digital communication."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":"“The"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","italic":true},"insert":" Interactive Media Awards"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":" are a highly sought-after prize, and this nod from the Council is a demonstration of our ability to generate world-class work and maximize impact- together with our clients and partners,” said Ali Jaffar, Founder & Lead Developer at Philadelphia-based digital growth agency Key Medium LLC. He goes on to add that he “especially would like to recognize Meg Shope Koppel, Ph.D. and her role in leading the charge for the organization’s "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"digital transformation"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":". It allows us all to work to better serve constituents and all Philadelphians, and this is why we’re proud to announce that Philadelphia Works will receive a second Coding For Causes grant to further enable us to maximize impact in our communities.”"},{"attributes":{"blockquote":true},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","bold":true},"insert":"Local Talent Delivered"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"Developed by Key Medium"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":", with content strategy by Rachel Dukeman at "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"R&R Creative Group"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":" and Kasey Thompson, the new is a testament to the Philadelphia region’s talented workforce. The design was produced by P’unk Avenue in conjunction with a committee at Philadelphia Works led by Meg Shope Koppel, Ph.D., Chief Research Officer and Elena Vayner, Manager of Programming. Philadelphia Works is proud to hire local talent."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","bold":true},"insert":"About Philadelphia Works"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":"Philadelphia Works is the city’s Workforce Development Board, investing in solutions and services to grow Philadelphia’s economy by connecting employers to workforce talent and career seekers to jobs. They influence the public policies that support economic growth and optimize funding and resources to invest in regional solutions to build a skilled and thriving workforce. For more information, visit "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","bold":true},"insert":"About Key Medium"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":"Founded in 2014, Key Medium is a premiere digital agency that creates beautiful, branded experiences for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. Key Medium has received praise for spearheading the growth of startup companies and lending affordable expertise and services to Philadelphia charter schools and nonprofit organizations. For more about Key Medium, visit"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","bold":true},"insert":"About Coding For Causes: Commitment to Social Good"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c"},"insert":"At Key Medium, giving back is in their company’s DNA. They dedicate a big portion of time and resources to create digital experiences to affect change. This award-winning project received a 2018 Coding For Causes grant, which was awarded again in 2019. If you a nonprofit involved with high-impact work, check out the "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0a090c","link":""},"insert":"2019 Key Medium Coding For Causes Grant"},{"insert":".\n"}]}

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PDC Machines Simplefuel Re-fuels Toyota Japan Fuel Cell Forklifts

Posted to Announcement by Mr. Osama Al-Qasem of PDC Machines at 9:03 AM

{"ops":[{"insert":" \n(Warminster PA)- It is with great honor that PDC Machines- with its partner Ivys Energy Solutions- announces our second commercial installation of SimpleFuel® in Japan. \n \nFrom Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), “ Toyota announces today that it has newly introduced SimpleFuel® to its Motomachi Plant in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. SimpleFuel® is a small water electrolysis-based machine for hydrogen generation and filling that can produce, store, and supply hydrogen by making use of electricity generated from solar power, a renewable energy resource. SimpleFuel® is a simplified hydrogen station that uses electricity from solar panels at the plant site to produce low-carbon hydrogen from the electrolysis of water, which is then supplied to fuel-cell forklifts (FC forklifts) after it is compressed and pressurized. It can produce up to 99 Nm3/day (approx. 8.8 kg/day) of hydrogen, enough to fuel seven or eight FC forklifts. Its compact size means it can be installed in small spaces, making it suitable for refueling FC forklifts within the plant. A hydrogen station has been running at Motomachi Plant since March 2018, in conjunction with the increasing numbers of FC forklifts in use there. By working to support fueling through the use of SimpleFuel®, with an eye toward the rising demand for hydrogen, Toyota aims to reduce CO2 emissions at the Motomachi Plant and intends to support the accumulation of new technologies and knowledge.\n \nTo reduce CO"},{"attributes":{"script":"sub"},"insert":"2"},{"insert":" emissions at its plants, Toyota intends to replace existing conventional forklifts with fuel cell forklifts. This endeavor began at Motomachi Plant, with the introduction of two Toyota Industries Corporation FC forklifts in 2017, followed by an additional twenty in 2018. This year, the Ministry of the Environment's ‘Subsidy for Business Costs, etc. for Measures Combating Carbon Dioxide Emissions (Project to Promote Low Carbon Social Infrastructures that Utilize Renewable Energy-based Hydrogen)’ makes possible the introduction of SimpleFuel™ and an additional 50 FC forklifts. Through the Aichi Low-Carbon Hydrogen Supply Chain Promotion Association, along with Aichi Prefecture and related local authorities and companies, Toyota is promoting the low-carbon footprint of the hydrogen supply chain as a whole through use of renewable resources and the concept of ‘production, transportation, and use.’ This plan to use hydrogen produced from electricity from renewable sources generated at Motomachi Plant has now been certified through Aichi Prefecture's Low Carbon Hydrogen Certification System. \n \nSince launch of the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 in 2015, Toyota has been developing and implementing technologies by harnessing hydrogen energy, which is aimed at utilizing hydrogen at its plants to realize its Plant Zero CO2 Emissions Challenge. Toyota is steadily working on various initiatives to reach this goal, including promoting the introduction and use of SimpleFuel® and FC forklifts at its Motomachi Plant.” \n \nThe SimplFuel® hydrogen refueling appliance at Toyota’s Motomachi plant will have its grand opening on April 11"},{"attributes":{"script":"super"},"insert":"th"},{"insert":" 2019. \n \nIVYS Energy Solutions will be soon be opening an automotive SimpleFuel® station in Somerville MA, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, Hyundai America Technical Center, the City of Somerville, and Greentown Labs – Americas largest clean tech incubator. This installation will showcase the SimpleFuel®"},{"attributes":{"script":"super"},"insert":" "},{"insert":"hydrogen refueling appliance as the perfect urban all in one refueling solution for tight spaces, easy permitting and convenient fleet vehicle refueling operation. \n \nThe Simplefuel® Hydrogen Appliance was developed in response to the U.S. Department of Energy’s H2 Refuel H-Prize competition, challenging American innovators to create solutions that could provide a path for greater adoption of FCEVs by drastically improving the performance and affordability of small- scale hydrogen fueling infrastructure. The Simplefuel® team were awarded the H-Prize in early 2017 and have been commercializing and deploying both industrial and automotive versions of the product in selected customer applications in the past two years. \n \nPDC Machines is a compression technology company based in southeastern PA and has been the world leader in high purity compression solutions for over 42 years. PDC Machines believes in a decarbonized mobility future and strives to enable the deployment of hydrogen infrastructure worldwide. With more than 410 units deployed around the globe PDC leads the industry and is prepared for commercialization.\n \n Ivys Energy Solutions, building on its founders’ decades of experience in the hydrogen fuel cell industry, is developing innovative technologies and products to make a fundamental impact on automotive hydrogen refueling infrastructure, enabling the successful near-term rollout of automotive and industrial fuel cell vehicles.\n \n For more information, contact Kareem Afzal, Vice President of PDC Machines at "},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":". \n \n \n \n \n"}]}

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Friday, April 05, 2019

RSM 2019 Growth Summit and industry roundtables

Posted to Event by Ms. Jackie Arnold of RSM US LLP at 12:35 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Please join us for our annual RSM Growth Summit on June 6, 2019. This complimentary half-day program brings together executives and industry leaders from throughout the region. This year we are focusing on the transformation of organizations through innovation. We will be looking at how enterprise growth impediments can be overcome through modernization and a renewed approach to business challenges.\n\n Issues addressed will include:\nEvolving business strategy"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Attracting and retaining talent"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Capitalizing on regulatory and tax changes"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Leveraging analytics and automation"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Don't miss our leadership keynote speaker, former NFL coach Dick Vermeil."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Agenda"},{"insert":"\n7:45–8:30 a.m. \nRegistration and breakfast for industry roundtables\n\n8:30–9:20 a.m. \nRoundtable discussions\nConsumer and industrial products"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Financial services"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Real estate"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Culture, diversity and inclusion"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n8:30–9:35 a.m. \nRegistration and breakfast for Growth Summit sessions (if not attending a roundtable)\n\n9:35–10:25 a.m. \nBreakout 1: The modern executive: Leveraging analytics and automation to enable growth\nBreakout 2: Growth-minded tax and accounting planning\n\n10:25–10:35 a.m. \nBreak\n\n10:35–11:25 a.m. \nBreakout 1: Business strategy for evolving organizations\nBreakout 2: Bridging the talent gap: Executive panel session\n\n11:25 a.m.–12:15 p.m. \nLeadership keynote: Former NFL coach Dick Vermeil\n\n12:15–1:30 p.m. \nNetworking lunch\n"}]}

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RSM Key Considerations for your Brewery

Posted to Event by Ms. Jackie Arnold of RSM US LLP at 12:18 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"RSM and Strickler Insurance are bringing together local breweries for a unique opportunity. We will be hosting a casual yet interactive event that will include topics around mitigating risk through payment card industry compliance and cyber liability as well as identifying the most beneficial state and local tax credits and incentives.\n\n Join us and hear from our professionals about these issues then enjoy food, drinks and networking at the conclusion of the session. \n\n In addition, we invite you to partake in our beer share at the beginning of our program. If you would like to participate, please select \"yes\" when registering and bring a sampling of your favorite brew for all to enjoy. \n\nAgenda\n3–3:30 p.m. Registration and beer share\n3:30–4:30 p.m. Program\n4:30–6 p.m. Networking happy hour\n"}]}

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RSM Philadelphia Technology Summmit

Posted to Event by Ms. Jackie Arnold of RSM US LLP at 12:12 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Engage with RSM at our Philadelphia Technology Summit and learn about the latest technologies to help advance your business objectives through one of our two tracks. You will not want to miss this unique opportunity to attend educational sessions and network with peers and your local RSM team. \n\n The Microsoft Dynamics GP track will focus on how to receive the greatest benefits from your existing Dynamics GP solution, as well as help you plan for the future. It will also highlight the latest features and functionality within Dynamics GP. The CRM track will provide insights on the latest trends in customer relationship management technology. The track will include exploring how to enhance your decision process with Dynamics 365 and artificial intelligence (AI), hearing about the new features of Dynamics 365 and learning how to connect your data through the use of PowerApps.\n"}]}

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Thursday, April 04, 2019

NCI Charity Golf Outing 2019

Posted to Event by Ms. Amanda Makarevich of Network Connections at 4:04 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Fri, August 23, 2019"},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"9:30 AM – 11:30"},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n\n"},{"insert":"Oakbrook Golf Club"},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"251 Golf Course Rd "},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Stoystown, PA 15563"},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n\n"},{"insert":"This charity golf event, hosted by Network Connections, benefits Jeremiah's Place, in Pittsburgh, PA. Their mission is to \"protect children and strengthen families by providing a safe haven of respite, health, renewal, and support for children and families during times of crisis. We strive to serve as a leading voice for child abuse prevention thereby transforming the community into a place that is safe, stable, and loving for all children.\""},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Join us to raise money for this amazing charity! Meet us on Friday, August 23rd at Oakbrook Golf Club for golf, BBQ lunch, free wine and beer (donated by Penn Brewery!), raffles, live music, and so much more."},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"}]}

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