The Pennsylvania Drug Card

PA Drug Card

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia and Benefit Services, Inc. are proud to sponsor a free prescription program for all Pennsylvania residents. This program provides all PA residents, with or without health insurance, access to discounted prices on prescriptions. There are no pre-qualifications for this program and it can be used at most pharmacies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Pennsylvania Drug Card?
Pennsylvania Drug Card is a free statewide discount prescription assistance program. The program was launched to help uninsured and underinsured residents afford their prescriptions.

Who is eligible to participate in the Pennsylvania Drug Card program?
Every resident of Pennsylvania is eligible to receive a free prescription discount drug card.

How do Pennsylvania residents get a Pennsylvania Drug Card?
Residents can download a FREE card, search drug pricing, and locate participating pharmacies by visiting Residents can also obtain cards at various health centers, hospitals, clinics, businesses, and other card distribution sites that are being set up across the state. The cards are accepted at more than 68,000 pharmacies across the country.

How can Pennsylvania Drug Card provide free cards to residents?
This statewide prescription assistance program is made possible and funded through the support and participation of pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.

What makes Pennsylvania Drug Card different from other prescription programs?
• No forms to fill out to obtain a card
• No restrictions to participate
• No eligibility or income requirements/limitations
• No waiting periods
• No age restrictions
• No exclusions
• No health restrictions
• No forms to file
• No annual or lifetime limits
• Open formulary so that both brand and generic medications are eligible for discounts
• Confidentiality: No personal information will be sold, shared, or distributed

Can this program be used by people who have insurance with prescription benefits?
This program was launched to help the uninsured people of Pennsylvania afford their prescriptions. However, people with insurance can also use Pennsylvania Drug Card to get a discount on medications not covered by their insurance (non -covered drugs).

What type of discounts can you expect when you use this card?
Savings vary, with savings on some medications as high as 75%

What prescriptions are discounted with this program?
The program has an "OPEN FORMULARY" which means that brand and generic medications are eligible for a discount through this program.

What are the highlights of the Pennsylvania Drug Card program?


• The cards are FREE to all Pennsylvania residents.
• There are no forms to fill out to obtain a card, no restrictions, no age or income requirements, no waiting periods, no eligibility required, no exclusions, no health restrictions, no forms to file, no annual or lifetime limits, includes discounts on brand and generic medications, open formulary so that brand and generic medications are eligible for discounts.
• This program has a "LOWEST PRICE" feature that provides cardholders the lowest program price on prescriptions at participating pharmacies (Medication Pricing/Discounts are calculated on the program's lowest negotiated contract price and the pharmacy's "usual and customary" price).
• This program can be used by people who have Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), High Deductible Plans, and Medicare Part D.
• The program can be used as a standalone discount card or to receive discounts on non -covered drugs.
• All Pennsylvania residents are eligible to participate in this program.
• To obtain a FREE card you can access 24 hours a day and download as many cards as you need.

For more information on the Pennsylvania Drug Card, please contact Tia Mayo or call 215-790-3639.