by Mr. Amol Waishampayan of Maiden Media Group

Posted to Announcement on 10/5/2011 at 12:10 PM

Maiden Media Group LLC, a digital experience agency, launched a new website today in order to reflect the tremendous changes the agency has undergone in the past year and a half. From updating the look of the office, to seeing significant changes in staff, Maiden Media Group’s year in Philadelphia has been full of experiences now documented on their new digital platform. “With our official birthday coming up on October 12th, it seemed like a good time to celebrate and take a look at the changes that have come about in a little over a year,” said Zain Haseeb, Director of Client Recruitment.
By focusing on the social footprint in Philadelphia, Maiden Media Group has experienced success in a short period of time. They have partnered with Apple in holding a workshop series that demonstrates “How to Build Your Social Ecosystem,” an engaging and novel perspective on social media marketing. The series is being continued at an event with the Wharton Alumni Club on October 12th.
Maiden Media Group has been very active in the local technology community, holding a key event during Philly Tech Week, and now sponsoring StartUp Weekend, a team building event coming to Philadelphia the weekend of October 14th. In addition, Maiden Media Group’s Creative Director, Amol Waishampayan will be speaking at the Power of eMarketing conference in Rhode Island on October 12th and 13th, where he will serve as a panelist and moderator providing his knowledge and expertise in social media best practices.
The new MAIDENMEDIA.COM was built using HTML5 elements, CSS3, JQUERY, AJAX and an open-source content management system to showcase client work and case studies from the past year. Additionally, the site profiles key employees and staff working out of Maiden Media’s Philadelphia office. “This site was about capturing Maiden's unique combination of personality with experience, and then translating it into a visual representation of our business. The way we see it, you could make a website for the sake of having one or you could choose to do it as a representation of what you stand for in the most organic and honest sense possible – we chose the latter,” said Designer and Developer Amanda Erickson.
About Maiden Media Group
Maiden Media Group is a digital experience agency located in Old City, Philadelphia. Comprised of Digital Natives who execute organic solutions via digital platforms, the agency’s clients primarily include small to mid-size companies in the B2B and B2C space. Maiden Media Group is headquartered at 130 N. Second St., Philadelphia, PA 19106. For more information, please visit
Maiden Media Group
Ph: (215)-253-4576
Twitter: @maidenmedia

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