IntegriChain Opens New Access Management Operations Center for Industry’s Leading Contract Ops Offering for Claims Adjudication

by Ms. Jennifer Guinan IntegriChain of IntegriChain

Posted to Announcement on 1/29/2018 at 8:22 AM

IntegriChain is opening a new facility for the rapidly growing team in Ambler, which will focus on BPO services for bio/pharmaceutical manufacturers to help them with their government and commercial rebate processing. More than 40 bio/pharma players rely on this team to process thousands and thousands of claims and keep them in compliance, which is vital to these manufacturers. The press release is here.

IntegriChain has become a major force in the pharma industry for a unique comprehensive platform of data and analytics that help manufacturers improve how patients are able to start and stay on therapy. This is an increasing challenge with new specialty pharmaceuticals, accounting for the major of new product launches. The IntegriChain healthcare tech team is topping well over 100 employees now in Center City and the Ambler team.

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