IntegriChain Acquires MCT, Creating Best-in-Class Government Pricing and Contracting Offering

by Ms. Jennifer Guinan IntegriChain of IntegriChain

Posted to Announcement on 2/1/2018 at 2:44 PM

Today IntegriChain, a rapidly growing Center City healthcare tech company, made its second healthcare tech acquisition since its strategic partnership with Silicon Valley's Accel-KKR. IntegriChain has acquired Atlanta-based Medical Communication Technologies (MCT). IntegriChain has become a major force in the pharma industry for its unique comprehensive platform (from factory to patient) of data and analytics that help manufacturers improve how patients are able to start and stay on therapy. This is an increasing challenge with new specialty pharmaceuticals, accounting for the major of new product launches.

The acquisition expands IntegriChain's solution offering for payer and government contracting with MCT's software and services for government pricing, a complicating and compliance-heavy operation. With this deal, IntegriChain will now have more than 140 pharma/manufacturer costs on its SaaS platform, including all top-10 and 16 of the top-20.

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