Copywriter/Editor at Boiron USA

by Ms. Breese McIlvaine of Boiron USA

Posted to Job Opportunity on 6/12/2018 at 9:33 AM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Summary of Position "},{"insert":"\nThe copywriter/editor will work closely with the Boiron Public Relations manager to provide original writing, editing, and proofreading services to a wide range of departments."},{"attributes":{"color":"red"},"insert":" "},{"insert":"This individual will centralize copy writing and proofing processes and promote brand consistency through effective written communication in various media formats to consumer and B2B audiences. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Duties and Responsibilities "},{"insert":"\n Serves as primary company copywriter and editor to ensure consistent brand messages and quality communication. Types of copy include, but are not limited to consumer product labels, merchandising material, print and digital advertising, product descriptions and catalogs, medical brochures and monographs, blog, e-newsletters, e-blasts, Web sites, presentations and training material, press materials and articles for magazines, consumer correspondences via e-mail or social media, and internal communications. "},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Manages proofing process and traffic projects between various departments. Utilizes proofing software (ProofHQ or similar platform) to develop timelines for projects and facilitate meeting of deadlines."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Reviews all copy for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling and check for readability, style, and compliance with legal requirements. Revises materials prior to final publication."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Archives text changes and documentation for public relations and marketing material, especially product labels, product descriptions and advertisements. "},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Maintains a database of approved language for products, labels and other documents and editorial style guides for key brands. Communicates language changes to key staff members. "},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Works in a collaborative spirit with team members from marketing, sales, government affairs, pharmacy development, president, human relations, and customer services to facilitate writing and editing projects, meet deadlines, and come to a consensus on language discrepancies."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"black"},"insert":"Supports the Public Relations manager and related department initiatives."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"black"},"insert":"Other duties as assigned"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"black","bold":true},"insert":"Requirements "},{"insert":"\nEducation: B.A. in English, Journalism or similar field."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Experience: 6+ years as copywriter, editor or journalist. Familiarity with AP Stylebook and AMA Manual of Style."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Writing Skills: Proven experience and ability to write clear, concise and grammatically correct copy in a variety of different language styles that appeal to various target markets (consumers, healthcare, retailers etc.) "},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Ability to maintain a consistent brand voice and create compelling communication. A diverse portfolio featuring a variety of media and formats is a plus."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Editing Skills: Proven skills in editing and proofreading and ability to ensure all communications conform to accepted written language rules."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Project Management: Ability to independently move projects forward including overseeing the proofing process; balance multiple responsibilities; reassess and communicate fast-changing priorities; and, consistently meet deadlines. "},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Self-motivated with excellent organizational and time management skills and strong attention to detail."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Ability to work independently or on team projects with minimal supervision, adapt to changes, and take initiative as well as direction to support a diverse team."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Proficiency in use of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\nPlease send your resumes to \n\n"}]}

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