Develop an Inner Coach More Powerful Than Your Inner Critic

by Mrs. Tara M F Leavitt of The Yard

Posted to Event on 6/22/2018 at 3:20 PM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Join us for a Delivery Session where we will challenge this inner critic and develop tactical tools to turn negative self-talk into positive reinforcement in order to make you a better Project Manager and team leader."},{"attributes":{"header":2},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\nIt's hard to admit when you've failed again."},{"attributes":{"header":3},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\nYou dug in and did the dirty work and really went to town on a project. The project is complete and you feel like you could have done better. In fact, you tell yourself you should have. And then it begins - bellowing louder: "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"\"why didn’t you just…\""},{"insert":" Your mind races with the different scenarios that could have created a different outcome. No matter what you say - you just tell yourself you did not get it right. Even if other’s from an outside perspective disagree. Sound familiar? Does this happen to you on both big & small projects and maybe both inside & outside of work?\n\nWell, you are not alone. And the way you are hearing it in your head may not be accurate.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Program Details:"},{"attributes":{"header":3},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Develop an Inner Coach more Powerful than your Inner Critic: Staying Bold and Resilient in the Stressful World of Advertising.\n\nLearn Inner-Coaching™ skills that help you maintain resilience, manage anxiety, and stay positive in the face of a stressful workday. Negative self-talk and the worry it generates don’t have to compromise your well-being, confidence, and success. Through guided meditation, experiential exercises, and interactive demonstrations you learn:\nMindfulness strategies that promote positive self-talk"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"User-friendly techniques that shift self-doubt to self-support"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Tools to strengthen the voice of your inner coach"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"The neuroscience of transforming thought patterns from those that undermine you to those that support you."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\nDelivery Session Leaders"},{"attributes":{"header":3},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Good leadership involves the willingness to make decisions, the courage to take risks, the ability to collaborate, access creativity and speak one’s mind. When these competencies are met with doubt and negative self-talk, a leader’s power is significantly diminished.\n\nSo that’s why Delivery Sessions’ is honored to partner with Jane Shure and Beth Weinstock from The Resilience Group to bring you our second session that combats just that.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Jane Shure"},{"insert":" is nationally recognized as an expert in bolstering resilience and self-confidence. Named a “Top Doc for Women” by Philadelphia Magazine, Jane is known for her ability to help people develop cornerstones in leadership development – identifying their strengths, recognize and manage their emotions, bolster self-confidence, and mobilize forward movement.\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Beth Weinstock"},{"insert":" is a clinical psychologist known for her powerful ability to communicate wisdom. As an executive coach and organizational consultant, she helps clients set a clear vision, clarify roles, set goals, establish values, and facilitate multiple forms of leadership development.\n\nTogether we are offering attendees a workshop that will help you open your heart and uncover a nonjudgmental, compassionate inner voice. You will transform your relationship with yourself and return back to work empowered to take steps for successfully moving beyond your Inner Critic.\n\nThe goal of this workshop is to:\n- Relieve worry & decrease stress\n- Increase resilience to manage disappointments\n- Fortify courage to act assertively\n- Develop greater self-compassion\n- Learn to relieve worry and decrease stress\n"}]}

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