Temple University's Center for Executive Education - Women's Leadership Series

by Mr. Rich Morris of Fox School of Business, Temple University

Posted to Event on 8/13/2018 at 1:45 PM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Temple University’s Center for Executive Education"},{"insert":" is pleased to announce a new "},{"attributes":{"color":"blue","link":"http://links.mail3.spopessentials3.com/ctt?kn=2&ms=MzUyMjMyMjYS1&r=NzY1OTk4NzgxNDMyS0&b=0&j=MTMyMjA4MDQwOQS2&mt=1&rt=0"},"insert":"Women’s Leadership Series"},{"attributes":{"color":"blue","link":"http://links.mail3.spopessentials3.com/ctt?kn=15&ms=MzUyMjMyMjYS1&r=NzY1OTk4NzgxNDMyS0&b=0&j=MTMyMjA4MDQwOQS2&mt=1&rt=0"},"insert":","},{"insert":" designed to develop and foster the skills necessary for successful business leadership. The monthly series will provide comprehensive instruction from highly experienced leaders, as well as the opportunity for participants to collaborate and network with other Philadelphia-area professionals, empowering them to advance to executive roles within their organizations and beyond. \n\nParticipants will leave the series with well-honed skills in strong communication, effective negotiation, and confident leadership. In addition, the unique opportunity to network with other professionals in the area will help leverage participants’ potential for career advancement. The series is ideal for women who have 8+ years of work experience, who are on the cusp of stepping into the role of director or above, and who have been identified as a future leader by their organization. \n \n To register or learn more please contact Randi Nemeth at randi.nemeth@temple.edu .\n"}]}

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