Solvix Solutions: Number 62 on the 2018 Inc 500 Listing

by Mr. Anthony Rock of Solvix Solutions LLC

Posted to Announcement on 8/15/2018 at 3:55 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Solvix Solutions wanted to share some news we received today with partners in our community. Solvix was named #62 on the 2018 Inc 500 list of Fastest-Growing Companies in the United States. Additionally, they ranked Solvix as the 2nd Fastest-Growing Company in the Philadelphia Region and New Jersey. Our 3 year growth rate was 4,478%.\n\nSince we began in 2013, Solvix has experienced tremendous growth as a company, and we owe that all to our incredible customers and partners for their continued support! We are a woman-owned and operated business, and we are proud to employ 10 people and we are growing and expanding everyday. We have had a core focus on supporting the US Government since we began and now that we've achieved so much, so quickly, we are now providing sales and service to partners in the Philadelphia and New York Regions so that we can provide great value to help serve businesses for their technology and operations requirements. \n\nSolvix is having an even better year for 2018 and we anticipate more awards and growth to come for the next few years. We look forward to working with more partners locally and hope to show more people why Solvix is so unique and how we separate ourselves from the rest of our industry.\n"}]}

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