Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare Summit

by Ms. Lauren Lewis of Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Posted to Event on 3/14/2019 at 2:00 PM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"color":"black","background":"initial"},"insert":"Based on the success of our previous conference on Healthcare Analytics at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, we are holding a one-day conference on “Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare” in Philadelphia on Monday, April 8, 2019. It will be held at our new HU-Philly campus at 1500 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia. "},{"attributes":{"color":"black","background":"initial","bold":true},"insert":"Space is limited: "},{"attributes":{"bold":true,"color":"black","background":"initial","link":""},"insert":"Please reserve your seat by registering today"},{"attributes":{"color":"black","background":"initial","bold":true},"insert":"!"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"black","background":"initial"},"insert":"Our new conference will explore AI and ML applications, methodologies, techniques, and privacy issues associated with the healthcare industry, particularly as related to workforce development. Leading speakers from industry and academia will be featured for this important topic."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"black","background":"initial"},"insert":"Full schedule here: "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":" \n"}]}

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