Social Media is Not a Satellite

by Ms. Isabel Krome of WBEC-East

Posted to Event on 11/1/2019 at 7:25 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"\n\nFor many businesses, social media is another satellite, just another external communications tool. But that's a mistake! Social media should be a launch pad, a control center, a critical accelerator of every other communications effort. \n\nPicture your business like a planet. The work you do, all the core functions of your business, happen on the surface of the planet. Orbiting around the planet are all the satellites that communicate to your business and about your business. This is your marketing, your advertising, your PR, all of your external communications. These are advanced tools that you've spent time and money developing, and they make your business better! But to get the best return on your communications investment, social media should be ground zero, not out in space. It should complement every other external communication your business engages in, not be simply one more tool like the others.\n\nCome and learn how to bring that satellite home. The experts at Slice Communications will help ground your social media strategies in your business and make social media a launch pad for your business's goals.\n\nThis is not your average social media workshop. We're focusing on the needs of established businesses, and we hope you'll walk away refreshed, with a new perspective on your business, and ready to take off.\n\nDay-of details:\n8:00 am: Doors open\n8:00 - 8:30: Light breakfast and networking\n8:30 - 10:30: Workshop, followed by a Q&A \n\nWho: Business owners of established businesses (3+ years in business). Bring along a key manager or social media lead at no additional cost.\n\n\nFee: $ 15.00\nWorkshop fees are non-refundable. Limited financial assistance is available to those who qualify; complete a business training scholarship application before registering for a course.\n"}]}

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