Positioning Your Company During COVID-19

by Ms. Veronica Mikitka-Reed of Maven Communications, LLC

Posted to 11 on 4/9/2020 at 1:41 PM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"font":"serif"},"insert":"The coronavirus has undoubtedly put a stranglehold on almost everything we believe to be “normal.” And our very existence has changed in ways that most people haven’t experienced before. Consequently, we have had to make sudden and necessary changes in our day-to-day routines to best adapt."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"font":"serif"},"insert":"But, rather than have your business communications come to a complete halt, media strategies can be adapted to sync with appropriate positioning. Here are some factors to consider as you determine how to position your company moving forward:"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"font":"serif","bold":true},"insert":"Expert/ Thought Leader "},{"attributes":{"header":4},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"font":"serif"},"insert":"Establish if your organization can provide an expert to discuss relevant insights for a reporter covering the coronavirus."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"font":"serif","bold":true},"insert":"Providing Products or Services to the Community"},{"attributes":{"header":4},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"font":"serif"},"insert":"Determine if an organization offers necessary services to the community to meet the needs of the community or the underserved."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"font":"serif","bold":true},"insert":"Asking the Public for Help"},{"attributes":{"header":4},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"font":"serif"},"insert":"See if an organization is asking for donations/contributions or help from the public to address needs from COVID-19."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"font":"serif","bold":true},"insert":"Supporting Communities in Need"},{"attributes":{"header":4},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"font":"serif"},"insert":"Discover if an organization is committing monetary funds to nonprofits or schools to help them with issues that arose from the coronavirus."},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"font":"serif"},"insert":"Keep these considerations in mind when positioning your company during COVID-19. And make sure that if you are reaching out to media proactively, you aren’t doing so opportunistically, but rather as a resource for the community"},{"insert":"\n"}]}

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