Complimentary Webinar: Business Continuity and Recovery for COVID-19 and Beyond

by Ms. Melissa Zuro of nThrive

Posted to Announcement on 5/19/2020 at 1:01 PM

{"ops":[{"attributes":{"color":"#53565c"},"insert":"nThrive is hosting the seventh complimentary live webinar in our series, “Keeping up with COVID-19.” Join us for, “"},{"attributes":{"color":"#53565c","bold":true},"insert":"Business Continuity and Recovery for COVID-19 and Beyond"},{"attributes":{"color":"#53565c"},"insert":",” on Thursday, May 21 at 1 p.m. ET. "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true,"color":"#662d91","link":""},"insert":"Register here"},{"attributes":{"color":"#53565c","bold":true},"insert":" to join the webinar."},{"attributes":{"color":"#53565c"},"insert":" "},{"insert":"\n  \n"},{"attributes":{"color":"#53565c"},"insert":"COVID-19 quickly tested the Business Continuity Plans of health care organizations. How did your organization measure up? Are you prepared for an anticipated increase in volumes or for the predicted second wave that might disrupt operations later this year? Mark Janiszewski, nThrive Senior Vice President and General Manager of Product Management, and Laxmi Patel, nThrive Senior Vice President of Service Line Management, will answer all of these questions. "},{"insert":"\n  \n "},{"attributes":{"color":"#53565c","bold":true},"insert":"In this webinar:"},{"attributes":{"color":"#53565c"},"insert":" "},{"insert":"\nLearn how Business Continuity and Business Recovery preparation for a pandemic or other disruption of service is key to ensuring ongoing success and viability of operations."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Understand where and when to leverage technology."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Learn strategies for augmenting resources when valued team members are unable to work."},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"}]}

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