Cost-Savings Programs

Cost Savings Programs

Office Depot Discounted Office Supply & Printing Program

Office Depot

Allow the buying power of the Chamber to help your company save on what you need to do business.

Here's how it works:

  • Members save up to 55% on 500+ items that chamber members purchase most often, including special discounts on ink and toner.
  • Free next day delivery on orders over $50, with the ability to shop in-store or online
  • Members get deep discounts on Copy & Print services. 2.5₵ black & white, 22₵ color copies and 40% off finishing services every day!

UPS Savings Program


Chamber members can save up to 28 percent on UPS shipping services and a minimum of 70 percent on LTL freight thanks to an exclusive agreement with UPS! UPS guarantees delivery of more packages around the world than anyone, and delivers more packages overnight on time in the US than any other carrier. Simple shipping and special savings! It's that easy!

A full list of discounts for members can be found here.

How to enroll if you need an account:

  1. Begin here
  2. Click on I need a UPS account on the right of the page
  3. Select desired savings options and click Let's Get Started. You will be redirected to the UPS website
  4. Click on Register Now in the New Customers section
  5. Follow all the prompts filling in the required information to create a MyUPS account and activate a new account number
  6. All new accounts process over the weekend. On the following Monday, you are ready to ship with your new discounts!

Infintech Discounted Payment Processing


The Chamber has partnered with Infintech to offer an exclusive member benefit program to bring their members lower rates through combined group buying power. Members enrolled in the program will have access to lower electronic payment processing fees, utilizing Cost-Plus pricing. This transparent pricing model will expose the true costs for processing electronic payments, eliminating “after-the-fact” rate increases by the processor. The processor rate you’re offered through the program will remain the same for the duration of your membership.

Benefits include:

  • Pre-Negotiated Rates
  • Transparent Pricing Model
  • No Unjustified Cost Increases
  • No Long-Term Contracts or Cancellation Penalties
  • Bank Neutrality
  • Dedicated, Live Customer Service
  • Discounts on Ancillary Products and Services

The Chamber's Member Discount Program

Member Discount Program

Visit our Member Discount Program to find additional savings provided by member companies or to extend an offer from your company to other member companies.