Supplier Network

Connecting Your Business to Big Opportunity

Supplier Network

Series Sponsor:

United Bank of Philadelphia

Become a Supporting Company

Advantages for Supporting Corporations
  • Free Participation for supporting corporations (vendor companies pay a one-time nominal fee)
  • Expand Network Pool of qualified vendor companies to meet/increase supplier diversity goals
  • Ongoing Exposure with new vendors using speed-networking approach
  • Exclusive Networking Invitations to continue cultivating new business relationships with vendor companies and procurement officers at other leading corporations
  • Inclusion in the SN Web site Database accessible by other supporting corporations, vendors, Chamber member companies and the public
  • Recognition in Supplier Network promotional materials, Web, e-Communications & potential media efforts
  • Speaking Opportunities for executives to serve as instructors for topics such as: responding to RFP’s, marketing your business to large companies and certification options
Supporting Corporation's Commitment
  • Attendance at Annual Procurement Pipeline event in June
  • Procurement Officer (or equivalent) to serve as instructors for courses where appropriate
  • Intent to recognize a Supplier Network member in vendor selection process
For more information or if you have a question please contact Lauren Giles or call (215) 790-3618.