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Supplier Network

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United Bank of Philadelphia

Success Stories

Bonnie Harris, Senior Account Executive, Talascend

“I participated in the Supplier Network Program after meeting with Ashley Rosenthal from the Chamber and hearing in detail what the program consisted of. Her ability to point out why and how this could be useful for me was invaluable. I will be forever grateful as her encouragement has resulted in me being able to secure a new client that we have a national contract with and are currently helping to staff their needs. I also was able to identify several other prospects that I am in communication with and am securing new business with them as well. I am thrilled. I cannot speak highly enough of the Supplier Network Program and how it has cut down the red tape I used to have to go through in order to simply speak with the right person. This has saved me hundreds of man-power hours. “

Dick Mass, Vice President, Allcell Rentals

“I developed an invaluable mentor relationship with an SN instructor from Astra Zeneca, Charles Gillean. He helped me understand a lot of unfamiliar information, learn how to evaluate private and public businesses, and define the best direction for my company’s growth. He emphasized that the most effective calling card today — your company Web site – must be eye-catching and efficient.”

Michael Pearson, President, Union Packaging LLC

“Entrée to our region’s leading buyers is not the complete story of the GPCC Supplier Network. Yes, through the one-on-one networking session at the conclusion of the series, I was able to further develop a relationship with Tasty Baking Company. However, I have also forged relationships with fellow participants, both students and panelists, which have yielded a variety of data on programs that can enhance my business. Through such interaction, I discovered a wealth of relocation incentives offered by the Philadelphia Department of Commerce. The series has been indispensable in my company’s development.”