Finance & Digital Transformation through Outsourcing Roundtable

by Ms. Jessica Gallo of RSM US LLP

Posted to Event on 11/3/2017 at 1:46 PM

For many organizations, increased competition to acquire and retain key talent and the constant challenge of keeping pace with operational, financial and technology infrastructure changes can make it difficult to achieve business objectives.

Outsourcing some or all of these functions is one way organizations like yours are harnessing the power of finance and digital transformation to drive strategic growth. By taking advantage of third-party resources to improve operations, reduce risks and manage the growing number of regulations, you can free internal staff to focus on core business strategy.

Join a select group of C-level executives and RSM’s experienced accounting and information technology (IT) professionals to discuss tactics to revolutionize critical business functions and position your organization for long-term growth.

Lunch will be provided.

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