Career Wardrobe Named The Forum Ally by The Forum of Executive Women

by Ms. Ellen Langas of The Forum of Executive Women

Posted to Announcement on 6/25/2020 at 4:04 PM

{"ops":[{"insert":"Philadelphia, PA – June 25, 2020 – Career Wardrobe, headquartered in Philadelphia, with locations in Delaware and Bucks counties, has been named The Forum Ally for 2020-2022 by The Forum of Executive Women. Over the next two years, The Forum will serve as a supportive resource as the two organizations build a mutually beneficial relationship. In addition to gaining visibility among The Forum’s membership of 500 top female leaders from across the Philadelphia region, Career Wardrobe will participate in a formal Forum mentoring program and receive "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"pro bono"},{"insert":" consulting support in a developmental area that benefits the nonprofit.\n\nThe Forum Ally initiative began in 2014 as a way for Forum members to give back and support the unmet needs of girls and women in the region, according to Lisa Detwiler, "},{"attributes":{"color":"black"},"insert":"Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, "},{"insert":"FS investment Solutions, LLC and President of The Forum of Executive Women. “It goes hand-in-hand with our mission to increase the number of women in leadership roles, expand their impact and influence, and position them to drive positive change in the region. By selecting Career Wardrobe as The Forum Ally, The Forum has an opportunity to assist "},{"attributes":{"color":"black"},"insert":"women directly impacted during these unprecedented times by engaging our members in clothing drives, volunteer events and other networking opportunities.”"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"black"},"insert":"With locations in Philadelphia, Delaware and Bucks counties, Career Wardrobe is a nonprofit social enterprise that uses clothing to inspire change. The organization’s goal is to eliminate clothing insecurity, which can mean having nothing to wear or not having the right thing to wear. Career Wardrobe eliminates it when they outfit someone for a job interview or when they fill an empty closet for someone moving from a shelter to a permanent home. "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"color":"black"},"insert":"“Being named The Forum Ally will give us access to a great network to share our message, which will be especially helpful in this uncertain environment,” says Sheri Cole, Executive Director of Career Wardrobe. “Last year, we outfitted 5,000 people with the clothing they need to achieve their goals such as moving to employment or independence. With unemployment at extraordinary levels, we see the need for our services greatly expanding and will look to this partnership to help us have the clothing and connections we need to meet the challenge.”"},{"insert":"\n\nPrevious Ally recipients include "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey"},{"insert":", whose mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold; financial literacy nonprofit "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"Clarifi"},{"attributes":{"color":"blue","underline":true},"insert":";"},{"insert":" and "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"Girls On the Run Philadelphia"},{"insert":", which offers girls in third through eighth grades from Philadelphia County the opportunity to meet twice weekly after school to learn life skills through engaging lessons that celebrate the joy of movement—including running.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About Career Wardrobe"},{"insert":"\nCareer Wardrobe is a nonprofit social enterprise based in Philadelphia that uses clothing and professional development to inspire change. As the organization celebrates its 25"},{"attributes":{"script":"super"},"insert":"th"},{"insert":" anniversary in 2020, it is proud to have outfitted more than 90,000 people on their path to employment or as they transition to independence. With locations in Philadelphia, Delaware, and Bucks counties, visit www."},{"attributes":{"color":"windowtext","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":" to learn how to donate, volunteer, or shop to support your community.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About The Forum of Executive Women"},{"insert":"\nFounded in 1977, The Forum of Executive Women is the region's premier women's organization, actively working to increase the number of women in leadership roles, expand their impact and influence, and position them to drive positive change in the Greater Philadelphia region. Visit "},{"attributes":{"color":"#0563c1","link":""},"insert":""},{"insert":".\n"}]}

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