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United Bank of Philadelphia

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About United Bank of Philadelphia

The primary Mission of United Bank of Philadelphia, a commercial community bank is to make the Bank the “hometown” business bank of choice. For over 20 years, the bank has strived to foster economic development by providing quality personalized banking services to businesses and individuals in the Greater Philadelphia region. The Bank's dedication to the community has been validated by its consistent rating of “outstanding” under the Community Reinvestment Act by both the Federal Reserve Bank and more recently, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (currently the Bank's primary federal regulator) and its recertification as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).

The Bank manages and delivers a diverse offering of flexible financial products to small businesses including term loans, working capital lines of credit, and commercial mortgages that best serve this sector and more importantly assist in enhancing their capacity and sustainability. Another important sector in the Bank’s target market includes churches and other not-for profit organizations that operate through grants or pledges for future payments. To bridge this gap, the Bank offers specially designed bridge loans to cover funding needs between grant and/or receivable payments. This type of financing allows these organizations to continue without interruption to either services or staffing.

The Bank prides itself in building collaborative relationships to create balance with its loan products by working strategically with well-known loan guarantee programs to ensure that the Bank's clients have increased opportunities to grow their businesses and to continue to create jobs in the region. These guarantee programs include the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation.